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Assorted Chocolates

  • Assorted Swiss
    $28.00 Assorted Swiss
    Assorted Swiss Box
  • Cakes, Cookies, Marzipan, Fruit Jellies
    $17.50 Cakes, Cookies, Marzipan, Fruit Jellies
    Our fruit jellies are made from 100% natural fruit juices and are free from artificial flavors and chemical additives.
  • Chocolate Bars
    $8.00 Chocolate Bars
    Teuscher Chocolate Bars
  • Clear Animal Box
    $28.00 Clear Animal Box
    Clear Animal Box
  • Cocoa Chocolate Bar
    $8.00 Cocoa Chocolate Bar
    The very special dark chocolate bars have less sugar and more cocoa content, namely: 66%, 77%, 88% and 99%. A treat for real chocolate lovers!
  • Fructose Assorted Box
    $28.00 Fructose Assorted Box
    Teuscher fructose sweetened chocolates and chocolate bars contain the same quality and texture as our regular bars, using the natural fruit sweetener, fructose, instead of sugar.
  • Old Map Zurich
    $98.00 Old Map Zurich
    The 14 oz and 28 oz size is available in the red box with the historical bird’s eye view of Zurich in the 16th Century.
  • Zurich Picture Boxes
    $49.00 Zurich Picture Boxes
     Zurich Art - 12oz Grossmuenster -7oz Teuscher House - 7oz 

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